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If you own, or are thinking of starting or buying a business in San Francisco or the Bay Area, you need to ensure that your business is set on a solid legal foundation.  My firm provides advice concerning acquisition, formation, operation, dissolution, and sale of all types of business entities including corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and partnerships.

We advise clients about how to avoid the pitfalls and headaches inherent in buying a business and negotiate purchase agreements that address areas of concern upfront to alleviate future problems.  If you are looking to form a business, my firm will provide advice on the most suitable entity form and complete the formalities necessary to create your business.  We also address an often overlooked area of business formation by drafting customized contracts, such as shareholder agreements and operating agreements, which define the rights and responsibilities of each of the business owners.

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No business in California operates in a vacuum and therefore any business can benefit greatly from regular preventative advice.  My firm helps clients meet various federal, state and local requirements necessary to preserve the existence of your business.  We also advise clients on all types of major and minor questions that arise out of employment, contractual relationships, interactions with governmental bodies, insurance coverage and other liability issues, and collections.  Most of the time an issue can be resolved or contained through timely and deliberate action by the client and the business lawyer.  However, even when an issue escalates to a full blown lawsuit, timely advice by the business attorney can place the client in an advantageous position in such a dispute.

We are also ready to advise you with issues related to selling or dissolving your business.  Typically, businesses that have been guided by a business attorney are easier to sell or dissolve, but it is never too late to get us involved in the process.

At the Zurada Law Group we handle all kinds of legal business matters including:

Whether your business is large or small and whether you need one hour or many hours of legal advice, we would be honored to be your California Bay Area – San Francisco business lawyer.  Please remember that the initial consultation with a business attorney is FREE so please call us at the phone number above or fill out our contact form on the left.

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