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Whether you are planning to form a new business or join forces with others to form a business in San Francisco or the Bay Area, the lawyers at the Zurada Law Group can help you with the numerous legal requirements necessary to form your business.  These legal requirements vary based upon what type of entity you want to create, but compliance is crucial to allow your business to carry out its operations smoothly without impediment from regulatory agencies.

Clients are offered more choice than ever when it comes to business entities.  Beside the traditional business forms such as sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation, clients can now also form limited partnerships (LP), limited liability partnerships (LLP), and limited liability companies (LLC).

The Zurada Law Group’s lawyers are knowledgeable business law attorneys, who will help you simplify the complexities associated with business entity formation anywhere in the United States. The firm’s San Francisco lawyers provide competent representation on this matter and can properly and comprehensively advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each particular business entity for your particular business venture, whether these advantages or disadvantages be in the form of tax benefits, the ability to raise capital for the business, or limited personal liability on the part of the owners.

The firm’s business law practice is headed by Atty. Martin Zurada, an expert in business with over 12 years of experience who also teaches Corporation Law at the San Francisco State University’s American Bar Association-approved Paralegal Studies Program.

If you wish to maximize the benefits and advantages associated with creating a business entity for your particular business venture, contact the San Francisco lawyers at the Zurada Law Group. The firm’s attorneys take pleasure in being of service to help you, providing FREE initial consultation. You may contact the Zurada Law Group at 415-637-8483 or by filling out the Free Consultation space on this website.

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