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Some specialized issues such as wage and hour issues can be submitted to and decided through an administrative process before the labor commissioner.  The advantage of proceeding before the labor commissioner is that the presentation and resolution of each cases is informal and much less time consuming than litigation or arbitration.  The labor commissioner proceedings consist of a claim filed by the employee, a settlement hearing during which the commissioner tries to settle the dispute, and if necessary a hearing on the merits which usually last no more than two hours.  Recently, the prior efficiency of labor commissioner proceedings has been greatly reduced by staff shortages and the high volume of cases associated with a poor economy. 

Other disputes, such as allegations of discrimination and harassment, must be reported to appropriate state or federal authorities (FEHA and/or EEOC) for review or investigation before a private lawsuit or arbitration can commence.  The reporting employee has a choice of requesting that the agency investigate the allegations, or asking for a “right to sue letter” which tells the agencies not to investigate and requests permission to file court litigation or arbitration. 

In theory, administrative proceedings were designed so that ordinary people could go through them without attorneys.  However, the stakes are often high and there are numerous pitfalls to navigate, and therefore it is always advisable to have the assistance of an attorney. 

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