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For over a decade The Zurada Law Group has had an ongoing practice of dealing with civil litigation in the San Francisco and California Bay Area.

Civil actions typically come in the form of a lawsuit between two parties to settle a right (specific performance) and / or receive financial damages. Civil litigation issues arise between individuals, businesses and the public sector.

Our San Francisco civil litigation lawyers represent our clients in a variety of civil actions during trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations. Much of our civil litigation work is done on behalf of clients in front of administrative agencies, federal, state and local courts in the California Bay area.

A civil litigation lawsuit is typically started when a plaintiff files a written complaint which is in turn responded to by the defendant.

At the Zurada Law Group, our California Bay Area civil litigation lawyers start with an initial investigation followed by the discovery process. If necessary we will then pursue the case to pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeal if necessary. Not every lawsuit makes it to trial as many are settled beforehand. However, should the case need to go to trial we are reading, willing and able to do so to protect your legal rights.

The discovery process is perhaps the longest and perhaps most intensive part of the civil litigation life cycle as it allows us to extensively interview witnesses to the case to learn as much as possible about the pertinent facts.

Bay Area / San Francisco Civil Litigation Attorneys

A civil dispute can sometimes be resolved quickly or can be protracted over several years depending on the nature and circumstances of the case.

Some of the most common civil litigation lawsuits The Zurada Law Group deals with include:

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