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If you are entering into written contracts without advice from an experienced attorney, or oral contracts based on the proverbial “handshake”, you may be gambling with the future of your business.  Such agreements are likely to have significant gaps or ambiguities about important contractual terms, and these ambiguities may lead to costly and bitter disputes between the parties who will try to demonstrate that their interpretation of the contract should be accepted by the court. 

No attorney can foresee all of the potential issues in a transaction, but the Zurada Law Group works hard to educate our clients about the opportunities and risks of each contract.  Attorney Zurada is based in San Francisco California and has over 10 years of experience in drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and litigating over contracts.  He has experience representing a full spectrum of business entities, from large corporations to small partnerships and sole proprietorships. 

During his practice as a business attorney in the Bay Area and San Francisco, attorney Zurada has drafted a wide range of agreements, including contracts for the sales of goods and services, employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, shareholder and operating agreements, partnership agreements, and business purchase agreements. 

Bay Area/San Francisco Contract Dispute Lawyer

When a contractual disagreement cannot be resolved, attorney Zurada will guide his clients through the process of pursuing or defending breach of contract claims.  His law firm represents clients in business litigation in San Francisco and throughout the California Bay Area, and ensures that their legal rights are protected in an aggressive but sensible manner.

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