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Are you owed some money because your contract was breached? Did you lose much needed services because of such breach? Do you need a breach of contract lawyer in the California Bay Area?

A contract is generally an agreement between two or more parties to do or not to do something, where the exchange involved entails some consideration.  A contract may be written or oral, express or implied. It is not uncommon that disputes may arise in connection with contracts. When one does not perform his obligation on the contract, the other party usually suffers some harm or damages.

Will you just sit in one corner and pity yourself for suffering some damages or harm due to a breach of contract by the other party?  Is there some form of redress? This is where the Zurada Law Group comes in, as the firm’s San Francisco breach of contract lawyers are very knowledgeable about enforcing contracts in cases where the other party commits a breach.

In examining the enforceability of contracts, one needs to consider the essential elements that constitute a valid, enforceable contract. These elements include 1) an offer by one party to do or not do something, 2) acceptance by the other party of the offer, 3) consideration related to the offer and acceptance, and 4) mutual assent of the parties to be bound by the offer and acceptance. The parties must also have 5) the legal capacity to enter into a contract, and 6) the purpose of such contract must not be unlawful.

When these elements are present, a contract is valid and enforceable, and breach of the contract provides a cause of action for seeking legal remedy in the San Francisco Bay Area and California courts.

Possible remedies to a breach of contract are monetary damages or judgment against the party who committed the breach, or equitable remedies, which include an order of injunction to prevent further breach or an order of specific performance for the breaching party to perform his obligation on the contract.

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Many cases that fill court dockets actually involve disputes regarding contracts. To ensure that your rights are adequately protected and the terms of your contract are enforced, you need reliable breach of contract attorneys who are well experienced in enforcing contracts and in civil litigation.

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