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Real estate transactions expose people and business to significant risk because they often involve large amounts of money, are governed by complex laws, and often involve multiple parties who do not have equal access to information about a particular property.  Real estate issues can be transactional, involving an opportunity rather than a dispute, such as a lease, purchase, or sale of real property; or they can involve an already existing dispute over various matters which include breach of lease or easement or a dispute over property boundary. If you run a vacation home rental agency allow us to review all your lease agreements.

The Zurada Law Firm represents buyers, sellers, business owners, landlords, tenants, property managers in short term vacation rentals and other stakeholders in a variety of real estate transactions and disputes which include:

  • Landlord-tenant disputesWe represent landlords, tenants, businesses and broad array of other clients when it comes to matters such as lease termination, eviction, late payments, failure to maintain premises, trespass and a variety of other disputes.
  • Real estate contracts:  Our familiarity with the structure and makeup of real estate contracts and leases allow us to negotiate effectively on our clients behalf which can prevent costly litigation. If a real estate contract dispute arises and the terms can not be settled quickly and amicably, we have the experience and are willing to aggressively represent our clients at trial.
  • Easement and boundary disputesAs experienced attorneys, we seek to quickly resolve complaints pertaining to easement and boundary disputes. These disputes often arise due to the placement or misplacement of trees, fences and driveways.
  • Title disputes:  The sale or purchase of real estate can quickly become hindered if there is a dispute or clouded title. Quickly resolving title issues requires an experienced attorney who knows the title process in order for a purchase or sale to quickly move forward. Mr. Zurada provides representation to clients prosecuting quiet title claims to a property, as well establishing ownership and lien rights.

Bay Area / San Francisco Real Estate Attorneys

At the Zuarda Law Firm, we aim to effectively and quickly resolve real estate legal issues in a manner that protects our client’s legal rights. If you have a real estate legal question in or around the California Bay Area just call our office or fill out our contact form on this page. Your initial consultation with The Zurada Law Firm is always FREE.

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