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Commercial Real Estate

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Law relating to commercial real estate in California is complex and differs significantly from residential real estate law.  Residential real estate typically involves the type of property that people want to live in such as homes, apartment buildings and condominiums.  Commercial real estate typically involves the owning, leasing or using real property for business purposes.  Commercial real estate generally involves property used as office space, apartment buildings, and for industrial or retail purposes.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Transactions involving commercial real estate can be far more complex than buying or selling a residential home and the risk is also far greater.  Potential legal issues can involve:

  • Latent physical defects
  • Encumbrances
  • Defects in title
  • Debt service and lender requirements
  • Zoning issues
  • Hazardous waste and environmental contamination 


All of these risks may be compounded by an expectation that the buyer of commercial property is a more sophisticated investor, and an increased the burden on a potential buyer to investigate and discovery these potential issues.

Commercial Leases

Commercial landlords and tenants have far greater leeway in negotiating lease terms than residential landlords and tenants, because both are presumed to be sophisticated business people.  For example, commercial landlords in California do not have to provide a warranty of habitability to residential tenants meaning that the tenant may have the contractual obligation to bring and maintain the premises in an acceptable condition.  Prospective tenants often skim over complex sections in commercial leases that impose significant obligations on them to maintain the inside and often outside of the premises in good condition, to pay all utilities, and taxes related to the real property. 

Bay Area / San Francisco Commercial Real Estate Attorneys


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