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Construction Defects

Construction Defects Lawyer in San Francisco / California Bay Area

A construction defect can occur when a contractor hired to perform work on real property performs the work in a substandard manner and/or uses improper materials.   Such defects make its owners unhappy due to structural and aesthetic damage that causes the real property to lose value.  This in turn typically triggers litigation involving all of the contractors and subcontractors who were involved in the work.

Nature of Construction Defects

Some defects are obvious (‘patent defects’) while others might go unnoticed for years at a time (‘latent defects’).  Construction defects can be caused by a variety of factors including:

  • Poor workmanship
  • The use of inferior materials
  • Improper soil analysis and preparation
  • Improper site selection and planning
  • Civil and structural engineering deficiencies
  • Negligent construction
  • Defective building materials


Common defects include:

  • Structural failure
  • Leaks (sometimes resulting in water damage and mold)
  • Foundation, floor, wall and roof cracks
  • Improper plumbing
  • Faulty heating and electrical systems
  • Landscaping and soil
  • Faulty drainage
  • Dry rot


Problems with Unlicensed Contractors

The State of California protects consumer by requiring that certain work be performed only by contractors licensed by the Contractors State License Board.  To discourage unlicensed contractors from performing work that requires licensing, California law contains basic restrictions on an unlicensed contractor’s ability to collect any compensation for work which requires a license but was performed without one.  In other words, an individual who uses the services of an unlicensed contractor can bring a lawsuit to recover any money paid for work done which would legally require licensing, and permit the individual to effectively defend against a lawsuit by an unlicensed contractor for non-payment under a construction contract.

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